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Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center

Food Engineering

The FAPC offers services in food engineering.

Our mission is to help Oklahoma's food and agricultural processors solve problems and achieve competitive advantage, leading to 
sustained economic growth, new jobs and improved food safety and quality through better engineering. We envision to become the highest quality leading supplier of research, development and technology transfer services to the food and agricultural products industries; to stimulate and sustain growth in the food and agricultural processing industry of Oklahoma; to increase food safety for consumers; to provide more and better-prepared graduates for careers in the industry; and to provide clients a competitive edge. Following are our goals:


  • Physical Properties
  • Process Optimization
  • Novel Food Process Equipment
  • Biomass conversion to ethanol

Technology Transfer

  • Process documentation and standardization
  • Process optimization
  • Facility design
  • Biomass conversion to ethanol

Implementation Strategies

  • Form directed, multidisciplinary research to address practical project that are timely and achievable
  • Provide responsive, direct technical support to individual clients
  • Facilitate technologic transfer via fact sheets, newsletters, conferences, workshops and short-courses
  • Provide training and practical experience for graduate and undergraduate students



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