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Analytical Services

FAPC and the OSU Department of Nutritional Sciences studied the effect of mango supplementation on the short-chain fatty acids production in the gut by high-fat diets in mice.
Thank you, Donors!

Thank you 2015 FAPC donors.
Agribusiness Economics

FAPC conducted in-store surveys to determine consumer recognition of “Made In Oklahoma” Coalition member brands and the impact of media outlets on their recognition of those brands.
Making an Impact

FAPC serves as a catalyst for new start-up food businesses in Oklahoma.
2015 Annual Report

View the projects highlighted in FAPC's 2015 Annual Report.
File Food Labeling Flash 2016

FAPC to hold a workshop to teach food labeling guidelines.
Water rules

Last year the U.S. Food and Drug Administration published the Food Safety Modernization Act Final Rule on Produce Safety. The final rule included agricultural water quality criteria for fresh produce.
Food for thought

Consumers are motivated to purchase specific foods in many ways. Some consider themselves lucky to have something to eat on a daily basis. Others have specific health needs, food hang-ups or feel guilty about eating certain foods or amounts that do not meet their real or perceived needs.
Natural vs. conventional Food Additives

Simply put, there are more food choices available to more consumers than ever before, which is positive.
Revealing strengths & weaknesses

FAPC is providing Oklahoma’s producers and processors with the necessary tools to incorporate sound quality management practices into their operations.
Social media to the rescue

A new way of detecting potential sources of foodborne illness resulting from restaurant-type sources is being utilized more frequently. Customers are now responding to good or bad experiences by using websites and blogs and posting on social media sites.
Growing passion

FAPC is playing a vital role in educating and training undergraduate and graduate students about career opportunities in the food industry.
Reducing food waste

An Oklahoma State University student was named the winner of the Nescafé Get Started Project funded by Nestlé, which inspires young African entrepreneurs to create ideas to help society.
Trendy Foods

The food industry in the U.S. develops thousands of new products every year to meet consumer demands and trends
Importance of trade associations

The Oklahoma-Texas Meat Processors Association is a trade organization comprised of meat processors and allied industries. In June, the organization will hold its 60th Annual Meeting and Convention in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Communicating to consumers

Consumers are looking for information about what they are eating, where the food comes from and who is growing or producing the product. Large portions of today’s consumers are known as millennials, and these customers are a driving force in the trend to search and gain information from the Internet.
Welcoming change

Brands and packaging are revitalized for many reasons. Sometimes, they evolve through small changes over time, and some brands get a complete makeover. These changes are made to help keep their products looking fresh and current.
Retail grocers enter new era

Local neighborhood grocery stores are evolving to ensure consumers continue to shop in their stores.
Fulfilling a focus

FAPC’s Foundation Focus serves to support and enhance the programs that carry out the center’s mission through donations of individual and industry partners to the Product Innovation Fund.
Favorite eats featured in recipe book

FAPC is offering its first recipe book, showcasing favorite eats and encouraging the use of Made in Oklahoma products.
Demand for Oklahoma grown

The demand for locally and regionally produced fresh fruit and vegetables is at an all-time high and for good reason.
Reflecting on success

With the 20-year anniversary nearing for FAPC, individuals closely tied to the food-processing center are reflecting on the success of the center.
File Food Labeling Workshop 2015

FAPC to hold Food Labeling Workshop 2015.
File Field's Pies receives prestigious Award of Excellence

Field's Pies receives prestigious Award of Excellence
File Internal Auditor Course June 2016

Internal Auditor Course provides information to meet GFSI standards.

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