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Third Quarter 2018

View FAPC activity that occurred during the third quarter of 2018 in the FAPC eNews.

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About FAPC: Adding Value to Oklahoma
Featured Project: 4 Generations Organic
Economic Impacts: Third Quarter 2018
Food Industry Project: Great American Dog Treats
Research Area: Food Engineering - Tim Bowser
Featured Video: Tommie Berry - Food Safety Professional
Featured Photo: Food Science Demonstrations
Featured Article: Food Industry Leaders Provide Valuable Insight
Activity at FAPC: Third Quarter 2018
Fast Fact: Website Redesign

FAPC Building PhotoABOUT FAPC: Adding Value to Oklahoma

FAPC, a part of OSU's Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, discovers, develops, and delivers technical and business information that stimulates and supports the growth of value-added food and agricultural products and processing in Oklahoma.

FEATURED PROJECT: 4 Generations Organic

4 Generations Organic logo

Bob Baker of Alva, Oklahoma, has a historical family connection with the land. The connection extends back to 1893 and the opening of Oklahoma allotments through the Cherokee Outlet Land Run. This part of Oklahoma history has deeply affected the establishment of the family farm in Oklahoma, and in the case of Baker, the Land Run opened the door for homesteading to the Baker Family and to be proud landowners for four generations.

Several years ago, Baker began the journey of transitioning his farm from conventional wheat production to certified organic wheat production. After attending a workshop on organic wheat, he realized the benefit of organic farming and began converting 3,000 acres to the production of organic Hard Red Winter Wheat. Baker also discovered a market niche to sell organic wheat berries and organic wheat flour. He plans to sell these products to artesian bakeries and consumers as an online business. It is his expectation that he will connect the consumers to his history and love for the land that has been passed down since his family arrived in Oklahoma four generations ago.

ECONOMIC IMPACT: Third Quarter 2018

Economic Impact graphicFAPC strives to add value to Oklahoma by providing economic impact to the state. Following is an estimate of economic impact during the third quarter of 2018. These estimates represent the sales revenue of products that were the object of work at FAPC.



Greatest American Dog Treats Packaging

FOOD INDUSTRY PROJECT: Greatest American Dog Treats

Travis Brorsen is an Oklahoma State University graduate. He approached FAPC for assistance in marketing a meat treat for dogs and other dog-related food items. Brorsen appeared on a CBS reality show and won first place in dog training. He is currently the host of Animal Planet’s new show: "My Big Fat Pet Makeover." Additionally, FAPC is helping Brorsen evolve and improve his current dog food packaging and determine a direction for the next addition to his pet treat line.

Tim BowserRESEARCH AREA: Food Engineering - Tim Bowser

Tim Bowser is a food process engineer at FAPC. His general interest areas in food engineering include:

  1. Process design and implementation.
  2. Equipment development and improvement.
  3. Facility layout.
  4. Cleaning and sanitation.
  5. Food and human safety.
  6. Training industry leaders.

FEATURED VIDEO: Tommie Berry - Food Safety Professional

Tommie Berry, food safety and quality assurance manager for QuikTrip, headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, talks about the steps she took to become a certified Food Safety Professional through FAPC and how important it is to the industry.

Food Science Demos

FEATURED PHOTO: Food Science Demonstrations

FAPC welcomed Oklahoma 4-H Youth Development members from the group Unidos (formerly Juntos) to the center to learn more about food science through interactive demonstrations.

FEATURED ARTICLE: Food Industry Leaders Provide Valuable Insight

IAC Group June 2018

A group of food and agricultural leaders is leading the charge to help FAPC meet the needs of Oklahoma’s diversified food industry.

“FAPC is fortunate to have an advisory board that is invested in the future of the center,” said Roy Escoubas, FAPC director. “The committee members understand the importance of FAPC and are continuously looking for ways the center can grow and better serve the food and agricultural industries.”


ACTIVITY AT FAPC: Third Quarter 2018

Building graphic

45 key client projects.
31 Process Authority Letters.
9 Nutrition Label Sets.
74 Visitor Sessions and Tours with 311 Guests.
68 Media/News releases, Extension Reports and Feature Articles.
13 Continuing Education and Training Events  with 152 attendees.
33 beef, 34 hogs and 7 Lambs Harvested or Processed.


FAST FACT: Website Redesign

FAPC Website Screenshot

Did you know FAPC recently launched a new website? The site was redesigned with the end-user in mind and features the latest news, publications and videos, upcoming events and services offered by the center.