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Fourth Quarter 2018

View FAPC activity that occurred during the fourth quarter of 2018 in the FAPC eNews.

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About FAPC: Adding Value to Oklahoma
Featured Project: TastyTowne LLC
Economic Impacts: Fourth Quarter 2018
Food Industry Project: Bubble Calm
Research Area: Food Engineering - Dani Bellmer
Featured Video: 2019 Food Trends
Featured Photo: Industry Advisory Committee
Featured Article: FAPC impacts Oklahoma food industry in 2018
Activity at FAPC: Fourth Quarter 2018
Fast Fact: Blog - Value-Added Voice

FAPC Building PhotoABOUT FAPC: Adding Value to Oklahoma

FAPC, a part of OSU's Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, discovers, develops, and delivers technical and business information that stimulates and supports the growth of value-added food and agricultural products and processing in Oklahoma.


TastyTowne LLC, is a Tulsa area company owned by PJ Daugherty and Susan Denney. Daugherty and Denney first attended Basic Training in October 2017 with plans to produce a unique gluten-free, low glycemic-index sugar-free cookie and started working with FAPC in February 2018.

FAPC introduced TastyTowne to the idea of leasing the rights to their formulation. They considered the idea and decided to attend the Institute of Food Technologists national show in Chicago during the summer of 2018 with the goal of gaining interest and attention to processors for licensing their formulation. TastyTowne was one of 16 start-up companies accepted to IFT's Start-Up Alley. FAPC helped develop booth informational materials and prepare them for questions they would likely be asked at the show by prospective national companies.

TastyTowne decided to move forward with producing the cookies through a co-packer. Before they found a co-packer, they utilized FAPC for help with scaling up the current formulation, feasibility tests, shelf-life assessments, packaging prototypes and a marketing plan.

A small scale-up batch was produced in the FAPC Pilot Plant during the fourth quarter of 2018. Following this activity, assistance was given by FAPC to make three 100-pound batches in 3 flavors. The three doughs were processed through an automated commercial cookie depositing machine at FAPC called a Kook E King to determine if this simple and affordable piece of equipment would be a good investment for the client. These tests were successful and demonstrated the client would be successful in automating the process, considering the consistency of the cookie dough.

TastyTowne’s expected next steps include placement in Tulsa’s Kitchen 66 to start producing in a commercial kitchen. Additionally, they must focus on marketing to get sales sufficiently high to allow them to move to an Oklahoma co-packer who manufactures bakery products.

ECONOMIC IMPACT: Fourth Quarter 2018

FAPC strives to add value to Oklahoma by providing economic impact to the state. Following is an estimate of economic impact during the fourth quarter of 2018. These estimates represent the sales revenue of products that were the object of work at FAPC.




FAPC worked with Bubble Calm to commercialize a bubble gum with calming herbal ingredients. Assistance was provided in recipe and process improvement, the nutritional label and hand-processing of product for sales. In addition, Bubble Calm won first place at the FAPC Food Product Innovation Competition held Nov. 8, 2018.

RESEARCH AREA: Food Engineering - Dani Bellmer

Dani Bellmer is a food process engineer at FAPC. Her general interest areas in food engineering include:

  1. Development of value-added food products.
  2. Utilization of food processing wastes.
  3. Development of alternative protein sources.
  4. Evaluation of sweet sorghum as a biofuel source.

FEATURED VIDEO: 2019 Food Trends

What's 🔥 and what's not? FAPC selected the top 10 food trends consumers should 👀 for in 2019.

FEATURED PHOTO: Industry Advisory Committee

FAPC's Industry Advisory Committee met at Fidler Marketing Inc. in Oklahoma City on Nov. 15, 2018, to discuss food and agricultural issues and take a tour of the nearby Clements Foods Co. Clements Foods, along with Fidler Marketing, co-hosted the 16-member advisory board.

FEATURED ARTICLE: FAPC impacts Oklahoma food industry in 2018

FAPC continued to support innovation and growth of food and agricultural businesses throughout Oklahoma in 2018, providing a total economic impact of $120.31 million.

“The impacts FAPC has had on the food and agricultural industries in the state are tremendous,” said Roy Escoubas, FAPC director. “From education and training sessions to client projects and food safety assistance, FAPC continues to be a resource for food processors.”


ACTIVITY AT FAPC: Fourth Quarter 2018

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36 Key Client Projects.
11 Process Authority Letters.
11 Nutrition Label Sets.
65 Visitor Sessions and Tours with 244 Guests.
87 Media/News releases, Extension Reports and Feature Articles.
28 Continuing Education and Training Events  with 355 attendees.
34 beef, 27 hogs and 14 Lambs Harvested or Processed.


FAST FACT: Blog - Value-Added Voice

Did you know FAPC recently launched a blog? The Value-Added Voice blog features articles written by experts in the food industry. Some of the topics include food safety with subscription meals, developing a food safety culture, local buying process and more.