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Third Quarter 2019

View FAPC activity that occurred during the third quarter of 2019 in the FAPC eNews.

About FAPC: Adding Value to Oklahoma
Featured Activity: AGEC 4423 - Providing Students with Real World Experience
Economic Impacts: Third Quarter 2019
Food Industry Project: Sixth Day Snacks
Research Area: Wood Products - Salim Hiziroglu
Featured Video: Innovation in the Food Industry
Featured Photo: Glo Germ Kit - Home Baker Training
Featured Article: OSU Researchers Brewing Innovation
Activity at FAPC: Third Quarter 2019
Fast Fact: The Food Files

ABOUT FAPC: Adding Value to Oklahoma

FAPC, a part of OSU's Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, discovers, develops, and delivers technical and business information that stimulates and supports the growth of value-added food and agricultural products and processing in Oklahoma.

FEATURED ACTIVITY: AGEC 4423 - Providing Students with Real World Experience

Rodney Holcomb, FAPC agribusiness economist, has been instructing Agricultural Economics 4423 since fall 2006. This class, Advanced Agribusiness Management, was designed to apply modern economic decision theory to the operation of real world agricultural and food businesses.

The AGEC 4423 class has helped FAPC clients gain a fresh and youthful consumer perspective for their new businesses and new products and has helped these students get access to real world numbers and business problems. Students experience the challenges and risks faced by Oklahoma businesses, and companies benefit from working with the students.

Some of the products students have worked on include bottled water and other beverages, pet treats, pecans and other nut products, meat processing and meat products, wood products, biofuels, and baked items and small grain products.

Once students have developed teams and selected projects (businesses), they must schedule a face-to-face meeting with the business owner(s) to begin a working relationship, develop an understanding of the company and identify goals for the semester project. At the end of the work, the company receives a completed business or marketing plan, and a final oral presentation is made in confidence to the instructor and the company.

The partnership between FAPC clients and the AGEC 4423 students has been beneficial to many businesses and students through the years. Some of the participating companies include Icing on the Top, Miller Pecan Company, Ludger’s Bavarian Bakery, TastyTowne, Robin’s Roast Coffee, deVine Water, Sesaco, Suan's Foods, Pooch Pleaser and most recently Green Valley Distillery. The partnership between students, FAPC, and food and agricultural industry businesses will continue to be useful for years to come.

ECONOMIC IMPACT: Third Quarter 2019

FAPC strives to add value to Oklahoma by providing economic impact to the state. Following is an estimate of economic impact during the third quarter of 2019. These estimates represent the sales revenue of products that were the object of work at FAPC.




Craig and Dawn Chesser of Sixth Day Snacks attended FAPC's Basic Training for food entrepreneurs in 2018. They have been producing their product at the Mother Road Market Kitchen in Tulsa but were looking to expand and start using a co packer. FAPC specialists met with the duo to discuss their business needs and scale up their salsa recipe.

RESEARCH AREA: Wood Products - Salim Hiziroglu

Salim Hiziroglu is a woods products specialist at FAPC. His general interest areas include:

  1. Maximizing commercial value of underutilized wood species in Oklahoma.
  2. Studies of composites made from Eastern redcedar.
  3. Understanding ways ago increased commercial value of wood plant byproducts.

FEATURED VIDEO: Innovation in the Food Industry

If there could be one word that describes the general atmosphere of technology in the food industry today, that word could be innovation. Regardless of the source of information or the types of products, innovation appears to be the overwhelming attitude in the food industry.

FEATURED PHOTO: Glo Germ Kit - Home Baker Training

Research shows there are between 2 to 10 million bacteria on your hands that can survive for up to three hours. Participants of FAPC's Home Baker Training saw firsthand how germs are spread using a Glo Germ kit.

FEATURED ARTICLE: OSU Researchers Brewing Innovation

Iron Monk Brewing Co. in Stillwater, Oklahoma, has been a popular nighttime attraction for Oklahoma State University students and town residents alike. With the business’ growing popularity, FAPC researchers recognized a potential opportunity.

“Whenever beer is brewed, they use grain and yeast,” said Danielle Bellmer, FAPC food process engineer and biosystems and agricultural engineering professor. “All that solid material left after the brewing process, all the solid waste, is brewer’s spent grain.”

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ACTIVITY AT FAPC: Third Quarter 2019

Building graphic

30 Key Client Projects.
8 Process Authority Letters.
10 Nutrition Label Sets.
44 Visitor Sessions and Tours with 1,495 Guests.
83 Media/News releases, Extension Reports and Feature Articles.
17 Continuing Education and Training Events wit 219 attendees.
23 beef, 32 hogs and 12 Sheep and Goats Harvested or Processed.


FAST FACT: The Food Files Podcast

Did you know FAPC has a podcast called The Food Files? This series covers various topics relating to the food and agricultural industry. Recent subjects include eliminating food waste, kitchen appliances and associated risks, and marketing of holiday foods and packaging. You can subscribe to The Food Files on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play Music and Podbean.

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