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Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center

Innovation Areas

FAPC innovation includes food safety, industry education and training, entrepreneurial development and business planning and marketing programs to support the Oklahoma food and agricultural industries.

FAPC is a 96,000-square-foot stand-alone building that houses animal harvesting, food manufacturing, grain milling, sensory profiling, food microbiology and analytical laboratory facilities, as well as conference facilities and applications laboratories for demonstration and prototype testing.

FAPC innovation includes food safety, industry education and training, entrepreneurial development and business planning and marketing programs to support the Oklahoma food and agricultural industries.

The product innovation fund is divided among five key innovation areas.

  1. Products & Process Development
  2. Industry Employee Training
  3. Food Safety & Security
  4. Industry Waste and Biofuel Program
  5. FAPC Central Fund

Products and Process Development

This innovation area focuses on the support of value-added product and process development for Oklahomafood industry products and agricultural commodities at the FAPC.

Funds are used for creative research, idea development, product and process development, commercialization potential evaluation, compliance evaluation, consumer acceptance evaluation, and market strategy and risk assessment for entrepreneurial clients as well as small, medium and large businesses and commodity and trade organizations.

In addition, FAPC serves as a source of reliable information and offers assistance to entrepreneurs and processors in the areas of product development, formulation scale-up, process evaluation, nutritional labeling and sensory analysis.

Industry Employee Training

This important area of FAPC activity supports the food industry in Oklahoma through continuing education and training for food industry personnel.

The Fund enables education and training about personal health and cleanliness, in-plant employee hygiene,principlesof food safety, manufacturing logic and business integrity for employees, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Pointsregulations, food manufacturing biosecurity and food bioterrorism.

FAPC also offers customized workshops and seminars to helpentrepreneurs and processors in the endless pursuit of customer satisfaction. These interactive training and educationprograms are conducted on-site or at FAPC’s state-of-the art facilities.

Food Safety and Security

The safety of the world food supply is of paramount importance. The food safety and security portion of the Fund allows FAPC to investigate new and novel ways to optimize facility cleaning and food safety duringmanufacturing and processing.

To help prevent vandalism and terrorist activity, FAPC also is involved in evaluating, planning andengineering security components for processes and facilities.

In addition, FAPC helps food industry entrepreneurs and processors develop ways to carry out, measure, and validate critical control points and lethality steps for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points plans.

Industry Waste & Biofuel Program

The industry waste and biofuels project area pursues ways to capture the value of food industry processing wasteor low-value byproducts by converting them to optimal forms of energy.

Additionally, FAPC scientists are involved in biofuel research to include biodiesel and ethanol production – a growing area of interest to Oklahoma’s economy. FAPC facilitates biodiesel workshops on an annual basis and is soon to house a state-of-the art biodiesel research laboratory.

FAPC Central Fund

FAPC helps Oklahoma’s value-added agricultural industry discover, develop and deliver technical and business information that stimulates and supports the growth of value-added food and agricultural products processing in Oklahoma. FAPC central fund supplements the general business and marketing of the FAPC, including administrative and office expenses, travel, publication of materials and publicity, consultant retainers and honorariums for visiting scientists.

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