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Gilliland receives ADSA Award of Honor

An Oklahoma Food and Agricultural Products Research and Technology Center faculty member has been named the recipient of the 2003 American Dairy Science Association Award of Honor.

By Mandy H. Gross

FAPC Communications Specialist

STILLWATER, Okla. - An Oklahoma Food and Agricultural Products Research and Technology Center faculty member has been named the recipient of the 2003 American Dairy Science Association Award of Honor.

Stanley Gilliland, Center food microbiologist and Sitlington Endowed Chair, will accept the award June 25 during the awards ceremony at the ADSA Annual Meeting in Phoenix.

“It is an honor to be selected for this prestigious award and to be a part of an organization that is committed to advancing the dairy industry,” Gilliland said.

Gilliland is an internationally recognized expert in the microbiology of lactic acid, especially the lactobacilli that are used as probiotics to provide health and nutrition benefits for humans and livestock.

Gilliland’s food safety research focuses on selected cultures of lactobacilli used as probiotics to control foodborne pathogens in livestock and the use of other lactobacilli to control foodborne pathogens on refrigerated foods. His research on the lactobacilli has resulted in the development of several strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus, which are used commercially as probiotic cultures for humans and as an additive for animal feed.

He also is involved in research to improve the detection of Campylobacter jejuni, a pathogen that causes foodborne illness.

The ADSA is an international organization consisting of educators, scientists and industrialists who strive to advance the dairy industry. According to the ADSA Web site, the members of the organization are aware of the vital role the dairy sciences play in fulfilling the economic, nutritive and health requirements of the world’s population. As a result, ADSA members have discovered new methods and technologies that have revolutionized the dairy industry.

Gilliland has been involved in the ADSA for several years. He has served as president and is currently a fellow of the organization. Gilliland has served two terms on the Board of Trustees for the ADSA Foundation. He was chair of the board in 1997-1998 and served as secretary in 2000-2001.

He also is a member of the steering committee for the Discover Conferences. He was co-chair of the “Research Solutions to Assure Microbial Safety of Foods of Animal Origin” conference and chair of the “Probiotic for Livestock” conference.

Gilliland has been a member of the ADSA editorial board and an ad-hoc reviewer of manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Dairy Science. He has served as a Dairy Foods Section editor and is currently senior editor.

Furthermore, as an ADSA representative, Gilliland helped in the development of the Federation of American Societies of Food Animal Sciences, currently known as the Federation of Animal Science Societies. He was president of the organization and served on the Long-Range Planning Committee and the FAIR 95 and FAIR 2002 planning committees.

Gilliland received his bachelor of science and master of science degrees in dairy manufacturing from Oklahoma State University in 1962 and 1963, respectively. He also was awarded a Ph.D. from North Carolina State University in 1966.

He served 11 years on the faculty of the Food Science Department at North Carolina State University before joining the faculty in the Department of Animal Science and the Food and Agricultural Products Center at OSU.

Center Director J. Roy Escoubas said it is a privilege to have a Center faculty member be selected for this award.

“Dr. Gilliland has been extremely active in the ADSA and is well deserving of being selected as the recipient of the 2003 ADSA Award of Honor,” Escoubas said.

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