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Analytical Services

FAPC works closely with Oklahoma clients on research projects pertaining to developing methods, procedures and analytical services.

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We offer analysis of food and agricultural products, biofuels and other materials as well as develop methods and conduct research.

We offer the following analyses:

  • Basic - moisture, ash, protein, fat and carbohydrates.
  • Specific - cholesterol, fatty acid composition, sugar, NaCl, pH, vanillin, caffeine, fructans, sorbic acid, TBARS, peroxide value, fiber, short fatty acids, water activity, terpens, etc.
  • Wine - pH, color and hue, dissolved oxygen, percent alcohol, free & total SO2, reducing sugars, tartaric acid, total acidity, total phenols.
  • Biofuels- kinematic viscosity, specific gravity, flash point, cloud point, vacuum distillation, API gravity, free and total glycerin, water and sediments.

Our state-of-the-art instrumentation includes high performance liquid chromatography with photo diode array detector and gas chromatograph with flame ionization, thermo conductivity and mass spectrometer detectors.


Guadalupe Davila El-Rassi, Ph.D.
Analytical Services Manager

Veneta Banskalieva, Ph.D.
Analytical Services Research Specialist

Angie Lathrop
Analytical Services Research Specialist

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